Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It is about the bike (in Portland)

This weekend Portland met summer and what a mood changer. Downtown turned into cafe society central, Washington Park filled up, even the river looked less murky.

Running in Forest and Washington park with just shorts and tackies was divine. Sitting outside having coffee in the square likewise.

I hadn't ventured onto the streets on my bike until Sunday. A combination of the weather and an invite from a new friend took me 'over the river'. It was 23 degrees and biking seemed a good idea. GPS plotted it and then followed the bike paths all the way to the door. Bike left outside, a few drinks and then cycled home at 10pm in complete safety. This is how a city should do biking. How it should be to live in a city caring only about enjoying it. Portland isn't maybe typical in the US, in fact it's probably atypical, with its weird reputation, tattoo society and outdoor culture.

Biking is now something I'm looking forward to whereas before it scared me to venture onto the streets. Whether its going to a bar from home or 100 miles on the road I know my bike is calling and once three days of being dragged by Coach Dion around Grabouw is over I'm going to bond with my Specialized again and also take advantage of a NO WIND city (Capetonians will understand).

Until then I continue to fall in love with Forest and Washington Parks. Trail running heaven 1.4km from my office door and the same distance from home. It's not TM but it's not far off. Truly blessed.


  1. Maybe you should look for an ironman to train for...

    1. Its on my mind for '14 maybe. This year is trail running year :)