Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finding Inspiration

I've struggled to get truely motivated by any road running images. Even watching the big city marathons, with world records being set, doesn't really make me want to go out and run. Watching Mo Farah win two Olympic golds at 5000m and 10000m did set the pulse racing, but it didn't make me want to go and blast around a track.

Only trail running does that. Watching Kilian Jornet set a Matterhorn FKT (fastest known time) even via twitter was inspiring. Pacing at Western States, being at Leadville, following UROC via irunfar's excellent web coverage all does that. It's knowing that it isn't just a case of clicking off the miles, that you will be running in God's country with all the challenges that brings that inspires.

Everyone who comes and runs in Portland, and back home in Cape Town, understands the draw of the trails and mountains. I'm pretty conservative (substitute boring) but even I want to run arouns Mount St Helens and Mt Hood, run Western States, be part of the races here.  The variety and the number means you really don't have to run the same race twice.

Sunset from Council Crest, Portland
BUT, given all that, my inspiration is still waking up and running up high enough to see a sunrise or a sunset. After a week of cloud we are now having a proper Fall and it's my new mission to see either a sunrise or sunset every day, preferably both. Today I achieved a sunrise, a sunset from the wrong side of the mountain and a bonus moon rising. I'll take that.

I don't want to be rich or even to really have an amazing career. I'd much rather see every morning from above a city, across a pass, or wherever it enriches the soul. Ok, so you have to work to be able to have some means to be in beautiful places, but I won't ever sacrifice time outside for chasing the money. What's the point of 8a-7p and the bucks if you don't see the autumn leaves, feel the season's chill or watch the day come alive.


  1. While I don't have the bucks I will have to settle for evening runs in Newlands Forest up to the contour path and to the Block House...

    If I had the bucks, I would run the world... I have a LOTTO ticket, time to see if I have the bucks waiting for me to run in the Rockys!!!

    1. Live that dream! You have no dependants. Rent the house, buy an RV and drive around the States racing :)