Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year Resolve

As 2014 ticks into action, the running log clicks around and back to '0'. Of course it doesn't really start at zero, but it sure feels like it. I've computerised my logs for a few years now, and I wipe last year's numbers, rename the file 'log2014' and start again. It's a big incentive to run on 1st January, otherwise you are already playing catch up!

Starting again....
It's going to be hard to better 2013 from a personal running perspective. There were no 100 milers, no marathon PB, but there were some great highlights. PB's are satisfying, but running with Coach Dion at African X and battling (well in my head anyway!) the Master Masters of Noel and Derrick is my favorite memory. It was three hard days of running at my max, and we lost out every day, but it was still a thrill. My partner has found a faster old man, so I'm looking around for another fast old man. I'd like to show I wasn't that much of a slow poke.

Ending 2013 with an injury and then sickness for pretty much the whole of December, gave my body a break which I'm not enjoying now. Running my Portland trail routes feels way harder than before, and I feel slow and clumsy. The scales say my weight is the same, but there's nothing to beat racing, the workout it gives as well as the motivation to work harder. I missed three of the first races I ran when moving here, and feel out of the racing 'scene' already! I don't want to race until I feel I compete, but know the best way to get to that level is to racing. It's a paradox!

Today on Wildwood, it felt like everyone fast bar Mo Farah was on the trails, it was an intimidating place. Talking of Mo Farah, and African X competition, here's Noel, only getting dropped by Mo, when he turned on the after burners. Good job Noel!

Bring on some fitness, races and a return of motivation. 

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  1. If it's any comfort I didn't have a good B2B this year, the last 9km were on the slow side of the plan, so I have lots of work before African X.